Lawn Boy Returns

Lawn Boy Returns

"Money problems for someone my age are supposed to be about not having any, not about having so much that the feds come after you." So speaks our good friend, Lawn Boy. Yes, he has returned and this time he's battling a real greasy, slimy con artist named Zed who is trying to make some easy money off Joey, the prizefighter who is about to take on Bruiser Bulk to be the new Upper Midwest Heavyweight Champion. Then, there's the issue of "capitalism plus publicity equals monster commerce."

Lawn Boy has given an interview to the press and now he's juggling autograph signing on his front lawn with some cute girls with keeping an eye on the scummy Zed and dealing with the feds freezing his assets. There are a whole lot of people depending on Lawn Boy now and he's in need of some serious guidance. Will Grandma have an answer for him this time?

112 pages 978-0553494303 Ages 9-13

Keywords: humor, fun, entrepreneur, boxing, sports, celebrity, business, sequel, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


Gary Paulsen’s funny follow-up to Lawn Boy is full of big surprises and big laughs.

Lawn Boy says: The summer I was twelve, mowing lawns with Grandpa’s old riding mower turned into big business. With advice from Arnold the stockbroker, I learned all about making money.

Six weeks and hundred of thousands of dollars later, life got more complicated. You see, the prizefighter I sponsor, Joey Pow, won a big fight. And a TV interview made me famous. As Arnold says, “Capitalism plus publicity equals monster commerce.” Even my best friends wanted a piece of the action. Meanwhile, some scary guys showed up at Joey’s gym. . . .---from the publisher

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