Last Newspaper Boy in America

Last Newspaper Boy in America

THE LAST NEWSPAPER BOY IN AMERICA by Sue Corbett: When you're a guy turning twelve, you're starting to look for your place in the world and Wil David of Steele, Pennsylvania thought he could count on two things for sure. He counted on following in his grandfather's, father's, and two brothers' footsteps by taking over the family newspaper delivery route. He also counted on going to the Fair. What he didn't count on was Ann Douglas, an annoying girl, a carny cheating people out of a thousand dollars at a game booth at the Fair, and the new owner of the town newspaper deciding Steele, Pennsylvania wasn't big enough to deserve newspaper delivery. This is a coming of age story with a main character you'd like to introduce to your daughter and a grandmother you wish you had for your own. Brothers, family and Wil of Steele warm your heart and draw a smile and a laugh as you wait to see the "rest of the story."

199 pages Ages 9 and up

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