Last Dance

Last Dance

Kellen Peterson is the star quarterback and college scouts are watching him. The night of the homecoming game (The Dance as the players called their games) Kellen is head butted in the back, flipping his head very hard by the opposing team. He finishes the game but then signs start happening showing that he has a severe brain injury. Kellens only dream is to play for a Pac 12 team and go to college on a football scholarship. All of which seems to be in his future. Even being a football jock and one of the most popular boys in the school Kellen still maintains a high GPA. But as the seriousness of his injury comes to light will he be able to follow through on those dreams?

Ivy Ly is a quiet, in the background type of girl. Her parents have prepped her from a very young age to be a doctor and have helped her do everything to be able to obtain that goal. Ivy’s parents started her on piano and violin at the age of 3 to help develop her brain. But Ivy showed tremendous talent and is now also a concert pianist and is also extremely smart. She doesn’t want to be a doctor she wants to study music but is afraid to tell her parents.

Two people who would never even pay attention to each other are thrown together when the principal asks Ivy to go to all of Kellen’s classes with him and tutor him until he can catch back up. Neither one is overjoyed with the situation but both know it is going to happen.

Then bring in Mira, Ivy’s best friend who is in love with Kellen or ‘Q’ as she calls him and is way excited that she will be able to spend time with him now.  As Kellen and Ivy spend more time together they find themselves starting to like each other but how can that ever happen when Mira is the one who is love with Kellen even if he does not know it or care?

Even though the cover on this book is geared more to girls the football story line is one that many boys would like. A lot of time is spent on the brain injury and recovery and how contact sports seem to be causing brains in athletes to be damaged.


Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Idaho USA


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