Kondo and Kezumi Visit Giant Island


Sometimes you have a friend who is a little bit braver than you are.  This friend likes to try new things and doesn't worry about what might happen.  That's exactly the case with two friends named Kondo and Kezumi.  Kezumi is the one who likes to try new things. Kondo is the worrier.  When a bottle washes up on their island with a map inside, Kezumi decides to build a boat and follow the map to the different islands.  Kondo isn't so sure.

The two build the boat and set out on their adventure.  The first few days are really exciting and fun.  The middle days are kind of well.... boring.  Then the fun starts all over again at Skull Island....until they get lost.  Then, they don't know what island they're on.

Two fun buddies bringing out the best in each other, having fun, and you never know what will be on the next island...

Fun, adventure, humor, friendship....well...at least until they meet the monster .......

80 pages                 978-1368025775                  Ages 5-9

Keywords:  highly illustrated, islands, sailing, adventure, humor, puns, friends, friendship, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, wordplay

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