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We have all been on quite a journey this year.  It took us inside and away from our usual lives and who we knew ourselves to be.  Now as things open up, we are about to step outside into a different space - it's a space we get to define for ourselves and it's filled with unknowns and adventures to be chosen.

It's good to have a map when you go exploring.  Most maps won't show you everything  - especially the little things - but they can give you an idea of the direction you are heading in.  This little book with these little fearless explorers- bunny/rabbit and bird - goes deeper.

Best part is it isn't just a map of pathways and north/south/east and west.  It's better than that.  It's a map of running to something and running away from something else.  It's a map of stopping to pick up a penny.  It's a map about looking around you but remembering to look up, too. It's a book about how you feel on the inside and it's a book that says go for it! (Who couldn't use a little of that right now!)

This is the 20,000th book we've added to and we chose this one especially to celebrate our journey with all of its challenges and glorious moments.  Some days you get an email saying two third grade girls who never got along found out they are both Teamplayer readers and that they have something in common - life changing moment - and was the catalyst for that moment.   Some days you find out you've got a technical glitch you need to fix - sigh.

But this little rabbit and this little bird - the most winsome fellows- are amazing friends to have along with you on all the days.  Give this book for graduation.  Give this book to someone starting a new job.  Give this book to new parents. Give this book to everyone you care about who is about to start this new time in our lives.

Keep it on your shelf and get it out every so often to read to yourself or to a friend who needs this reassurance and encouragement.

Empathy for all waits here.  Courage for all waits here.  Reassurance for all waits here.  Hope for all waits here.  This is the book for this moment - when we are all starting our adventure all over again and are about to risk and step into the unknown - some of our own choosing and some chosen for us by the universe.  You just need a little Knowing ...and The Knowing Book.

32 pages 9781629798097 Ages 5 and up

Keywords: adventure, hope, reassurance, empathy, celebration, risk, journeys, graduation gift, new baby gift, inspiration, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, books that make a difference, 18 year old, rabbit, bird

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Here is a celebration of our world, of all that we already know, and of all that we will discover. A rabbit and bird set off on an adventure. They choose a path, explore the unknown, pretend and play and imagine and finally return, wiser than before.

Their journey has taught us that both a hum and a cry will bring comfort when we – re lost, that we should keep curiosity and adventure in our pocket, that the sky is always above us, and that all the paths we take will join to lead us home.

Perfect for anyone embarking on a new chapter in their lives, this tribute to all that is important in the world around us encourages readers to live life to the fullest.--from Boyds Mills Press

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