Time Warp Trio Book 1 Knights of the Kitchen Table

time warp trio knights of the kitchen table

If you have one of those young fellows who can read but doesn’t want to read, help is on the way. Jon Scieszka taught grades 1-8 in New York for about ten years and learned that some kids are looking for a book and, preferably, a series of books that are funny and maybe even give them some information. They want serious action. So, here is the Time Warp Trio. There are sixteen of them in all and Knights of the Kitchen Table is Book One. In this book we meet our three intrepid heroes, Joe, Sam and Fred and watch as Joe opens his last birthday gift - a book. Not an ordinary book however, this is a magical book that enables the user to time-travel to any chosen period of history. This time the three sail off to the time of King Arthur and are met immediately by a hostile Black Knight. They’re about to meet King Arthur, a dragon, Merlin and a giant. How do they get back to New York? Now York, Merlin has heard of, but New York, that ringeth no chimes. Hilarious.

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