Kitten's Summer

Kitten's Summer

On a summer day, a farm kitten is caught in a sudden rainstorm. The race for shelter takes the little feline past other animals as they also react to the downpour. While some, like the fox and caterpillar, look for a dry spot, others--such as the loon and beaver--are undisturbed by the wetness. Short, two-line text on each double-page spread simply yet eloquently describes the action: "Rain falls,/Kitten dashes./Rabbit races,/Turtle splashes." Verbal images--"Duck flutters" and "Wind whirrs"--allow the reader to hear as well as see what is happening.

But the real treasure in this toddler-friendly book is the dazzling illustrations. A masterful combination of clay, acrylic, and mixed-media collage gives the pictures a 3-D appearance. The bright colors are striking. Kids will enjoy finding the kitten in every picture and pointing to the various critters and the images of baby animals (some hiding) are an additional treat. By the time the kitten arrives at the farm house, leaving a trail of muddy footprints, little listeners will want to hear the story again--and young readers will want to try reading it for themselves. Ages 1-4

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian

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