Kindergarten Diary


Preschool seems like "safe land" to this little girl as she nears the first day of kindergarten. In her imagination she sees her teacher as a pencil-haired Medusa monster.  She thinks of how big the other kids will be compared to her small self. She makes a plan for what she's going to wear and this plan includes her rainbow bathing suit and no socks.

That ferocious first day arrives and her mom makes her wear something nice....and socks.

Day by day she keeps a diary of how thinks are going.  One day it's building a tower of cows and another day it's pretending the monkey bars are a spaceship.

Friends, sharing, show-and-tell, cutting your own hair, cupcakes.... by the time September 30 rolls around she's forgotten all the scared feelings and she's making her first grade plans.

Awesome!  Great way to introduce the real things that happen in kindergarten on the first day and some of those other scary days just after the first day.  Sometimes you just need a sneak peek.

32 pages   978-0061456916   Ages 4-6

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Starting kindergarten can be a little scary. But Annalina shows us there are lots of new and exciting things to look forward to—meeting your teacher, playing on the monkey bars, feeding the pet tortoise, and making new friends. Experience the ups and downs of the first days of kindergarten through Annalina's very own diary (as told to Antoinette Portis) and discover why the kids in room 2K are just fine!--from the pubisher

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