Kind of a Big Deal

kind of a big deal

From bestselling author Shannon Hale comes Kind of a Big Deal: a hilarious, deliciously readable YA novel that will suck you in―literally.

There's nothing worse than peaking in high school. Nobody knows that better than Josie Pie.

She was kind of a big deal―she dropped out of high school to be a star! But the bigger you are, the harder you fall. And Josie fell. Hard. Ouch. Broadway dream: dead.

Meanwhile, her life keeps imploding. Best friend: distant. Boyfriend: busy. Mom: not playing with a full deck? Desperate to escape, Josie gets into reading.

Literally. She reads a book and suddenly she's inside it. And with each book, she’s a different character: a post-apocalyptic heroine, the lead in a YA rom-com, a 17th century wench in a corset.

It’s alarming. But also . . . kind of amazing?

It’s the perfect way to live out her fantasies. Book after book, Josie the failed star finds a new way to shine. But the longer she stays in a story, the harder it becomes to escape.

Will Josie find a story so good that she just stays forever?---from the publisher

400 pages                                    978-1250206237                         Ages 12 and up

Keywords:  high school, drop out, reading, romantic comedy, humor, coming of age, 12 year old, 13 year old, 14 year old, 15 year old, stand alone, performing arts


Josie was kind of a big deal in high school. She sang the lead in all the musicals and her drama teacher convinced her that she could make it on Broadway. But life in New York is harder than senior year in Arizona, and the directors weren't casting her for any parts. So she took a job as a nanny and moved with the child and her mother to Montana. Isn't that what everyone does when their life falls apart? Okay, maybe not.
As things continue to spiral out of friend having a great time in college and not always available with a shoulder to cry on, boyfriend acting distant and not answering his phone, mom no help at all, credit card bills to pay...Josie just wants to feel in command of her destiny again. So when a book recommended by the sales clerk at the local bookstore actually pulls her into the story and lets her become a character, is it a mental breakdown or magic?
The sense of life spiralling out of control is familiar to many of us, even in the teen years. Trying to decide on college and career, friend and dating drama, money problems, it can all add up. But imagine that combined with the gut-wrenching fear that you have peaked in high school and it is all downhill from there. Somehow, becoming the lead character in a tawdry romance or a post-apocalyptic adventure might seem tempting, especially if you can use your will power to steer the course of the story and affect its outcome. It might even be tempting enough to make you want to stay in the story permanently.
As we read along and watch Josie floundering to figure things out, we want her to make all the right choices and stay in the real world to face her fears. Somewhere along the way, we realize that we have been pulled into the story - Josie's story. And we don't want to leave it until we know how it will end.
Be prepared to read this in one sitting.
Recommended by:  Suzanne Costner, Librarian, Tennessee USA
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