Kiki's Hats

Kiki's Hats

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Tristan Publshing, 2007

This book tells the story of a remarkable woman named Kiki, who loves to knit hats. However, as she says "I don’t make these hats for pay, I make hats to give away!" She gives away her hats by two’s, one to the giver, and one that the giver must also give away. Her only stipulation is that the giver must return to tell her the story of the gift giving. Kiki continues to knit and give hats away, and her recipients continue to spread her hat gifts far and wide, and to return to share the stories of their gift-giving experience. Eventually, Kiki knits a pile of hats that lifts her right up to heaven, where she is still sitting and knitting hats to give away.

This cheerful story is told in rhyme, and is accompanied by illustrations in bright colors that reflect the hats that Kiki creates. The breezy text and energetic pictures create a cheerful tone that perfectly matches the message - our gifts live on and on, and life is enriched when we use whatever gifts we may have to give comfort and cheer to others. The message that it is fun to do something good for someone else is a great one to share with children. Kids of all ages should love the positive message and upbeat tone of this book.

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director.

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