Keyholders, Book 1: This Side of Magic

Keyholders, Book 1:  This Side of Magic

Penny and Luke have been hearing some strange noises coming from the thorn bushes that separates their house from their neighbor, Mr. Leery. The noises seem to have something to do with the cat. Then, Mr. Leery is called away and asks the children to keep an eye on the cat for him. Never in their wildest dreams would they have expected to find that the hedge separates them from the world of magic and that the Queen of the Boggarts is determined to take over our world. Only Mr. Leery and his apprentices can stop her. Those apprentices are about to be Penny and Luke. If you have a young reader who loved the Secrets of Droon and is looking for more fantasy/adventure books, but isn't quite ready for Harry Potter, this is perfect. We need more fantasy/adventure books at this level and this has a nice mix of risk and magic.

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