Kelsey the Spy (The Curious Cat Spy Club) Book 3


Kelsey, Becca and Leo have formed the Curious Cat Spy Club where they work together to solve animal crimes. Kelsey has a backpack filled with disguises, Leo has drones that can spy from the air and Becca lives in an animal sanctuary.

Leo calls Kelsey with exciting news. He has solved a crime. The three Club members gather together to hear what Leo has discovered. But Kelsey has a mystery of her own. That morning she followed her brother Kyle into town riding her bike and following without being seen. Kyle was carrying a large white box. Kelsey was watching him but somehow he managed to disappear into the buildings. She is determined to find out what she's doing.

As she is heading home, she stops by Leo's house and overhears his mom and aunt telling each other a secret about Leo. Seems like everyone has a secret and it's really hard for Kelsey not to tell. When she knows something, she writes it down in her notebook. That makes it easier for her to keep the secret for real.

Secrets just keep popping up everywhere she goes. One of them has to do with her good friend, Becca and Kelsey writes it in her special notebook.

The next day Kelsey goes to school and Becca notices Kelsey's special notebook of secrets hanging out of her backpack. What is it doing there? Kelsey would never bring that notebook to school. But here it is and Becca wants to read it.

Kelsey is about to find herself in a mess. The Sparkler girls come over to sit with Becca at the lunch table and Kelsey struggles to get along with Tyla who is so bossy. Becca is being forced to choose between her friends.

The real mystery happens when Kelsey tucks her notebook of secrets into her locker and comes back to find it missing. Who would have taken her notebook? Will they guard the secrets? What will happen if the secrets aren't secrets anymore?

This is a well-paced story filled with secrets, mysteries, and friendships that are tested. Kelsey, Leo and Becca care about animals, people and solving cases to make the world right.

Warm-hearted, lively and ultimately about caring.

978-0807513804 Ages 8-12 281 pages

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


Kelsey can’t resist collecting secrets in her spy notebook—just like her hero, Harriet the Spy. When she learns Leo has been hiding something from the group, she writes his secret in her notebook as well. But Kelsey accidentally brings her Notebook of Secrets to school and loses it. Everything she’s collected about classmates, friends, and family could be released into the world! When she receives a ransom note, she tries to solve the mystery on her own but soon realizes she needs everyone in the CCSC to rescue the notebook, help a homesick 130-year-old Aldabra tortoise, and unmask a thief. A surprise ending changes Kelsey’s life in a way she never imagined.--from the publisher

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