Katerina's Wish


Wishes.  Katerina's family moved to Colorado when her mother and father had a wish to have a farm of their own.  Immigrating to a new land in 1900, they left behind all they knew for a fresh beginning and a wish come true.  But did they wish for Papa to work in the coal mines every day and did they wish to struggle?  

Thirteen-year-old Katerina has wishes inside of her too and one day in the midst of the drudgery of her chores she sees a carp in the water and wonders if she can make a wish that will come true.  Is their really magic in the world?  Do your dreams come true?

The world of the immigrants in a company town in Colorado comes to life in the desciptions of the family's daily struggles.  When there is little to go around, the despair can run high and the wishes can seem well out of reach.

Katerina holds onto her magic.  She sees a way to rise up and beyond the heavy limitations of the Company.  Will she succeed?  Will Papa ever make his wish come true?  Will Marek share the magic and dare to reach for his own wishes?

A masterfully crafted journey about difficult challenges with characters you wish for and care about.  The Company controls the cost of everything the workers need to buy so the earnings go back for soap and flour.  Prejudice among the ethnicities swirling together in the community cause distrust.  Death and disaster are one misstep away.

This is a picture of the America we don't often return to as we pick up our cell phones and scroll about on our laptops.  What Corporation holds us fast today?  What wish would we glimpse if we tried?

978-1442433434  250 pages  Ages 9-12

Recommended by: Barb

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