Just One Day

Just One Day
  1. Allyson’s life has been carefully planned for her by well-intentioned parents. Her career in the world of medicine, what classes she needs to take, where she needs to go to college, even her graduation present of an educational tour of Europe. Allyson has always followed the rules and thought she wanted the same things. Then one day in Europe she gets the chance to ditch a performance of the Royal Shakespeare Company and see “Guerilla Will,” live Shakespeare performed in a London park. While there she meets Willem and finds herself questioning all of that good girl behavior she has followed her whole life. Being adventurous and a rebel she goes to Paris for one day with Willem even though she hardly knows him. It is like there is another person inside of her who is adventuresome and bold who just cannot be contained. The connection between her and Willem is so strong and electric how can this not be right? Then when waking up the next morning in Paris in an artist’s squat she finds Willem gone. When he doesn’t return she starts to question everything she was beginning to believe.

After returning home she pulls into herself and still goes to college but finds pre-med anything but stimulating and fun. As she fights depression and tries to let go of her feelings for Willem and what they experienced together, she finds herself in a Shakespeare class where she meets her classmate Dee (a young man who seems to have many identities and is like no one she has never known). As their friendship goes through its up and downs she slowly tries to find normal again.

Through the summer she saves enough money and once again goes back to Europe to see if she can find Willem. While there she starts to learn who she really is and realizes that while the “old” Allyson was good it may not be the person she wants to be. She starts to believe she can start to put Willem and Paris behind her and start her new life. Maybe?

There is a companion book to this one. It is told through the voice of Willem and his point of view. It will be released October 15, 2013.


Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA 

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