Just Grace and The Terrible Tutu

Just Grace and The Terrible Tutu

Grace learns that her best friend, Mimi, has a super-big secret. Mimi’s parents are looking into adopting a new sister for Mimi, and Mimi couldn’t be more excited about the possibilityof being a big sister. Grace is excited about becoming a mother’s helper to the new French neighbors. Of course, Grace tells Mimi about the opportunity of getting some practice of being a big sister and soon they are both excited about being mother’s helpers. One day Grace’s neighbor shows up with a little girl named Lily, wearing a pink tutu.

Grace learns that being a mother’s helper is a lot more work then she thought it would be. Grace immediately thought that the job would be much better suited for Mimi than her. Only, Lily likes Grace more than she likes Mimi, even though Grace tries everything to get Lily to like Mimi. Lily had a knack of getting Grace in trouble with her mom and getting Mimi to be mad at Grace. Grace starts working on a plan to get Lily to love Mimi as much as Lily loved her. Grace puts a plan in place! The excitement really starts and along the way Grace, Mimi, and Lily learn what true friendship means. 174 pages Ages 7-10

Recommended by Lisa Romans, Information Specialist

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