Just Books: Just Stupid!

Just Books:  Just Stupid!

Bathroom humor through and through. What can happen to one boy when he is trying to get to use the bathroom? If you have one of those boys who hate to read, try them out first on The Day My Butt Went Psycho!. It's filled with the lovely bathroom humor that those guys want in a book. They'll laugh, and I've actually had ten-year-old boys look up at me with new found respect and say, "I didn't know they wrote books like this," when I take them to this book in the library. (It's the little victories that keep us going.)


Do you know a boy who loves to laugh at other people's embarrassing moments? We're talking about other guys having to wear diapers? Or having to kiss girls? If you know this guy, then go ahead and get this book. He'll laugh, and he'll just love reading about how uncomfortable the other guy is. Thank goodness it's a series so you can get him another book just like this one.

Other books by this author include The Day My Butt Went Psycho!, Just Annoying!, Just Joking! and Just Shocking!.

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