Just Being Audrey

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Just Being Audrey

There's a special magic to being one of the stars up on the silver screen and today it seems everyone wants the fame and attention that come with that celebrity. But one of the biggest stars of our time was Audrey Hepburn, a woman who chose to be true to her sense of self. In fact the opening quote of the book says that she did not "think of herself as an icon." Instead she just did "her thing." This book captivates you the way Audrey Hepburn herself captivated you with its simplicity, its directness and its charming, heartfelt pictures and story. How wonderful to know that this lovely woman went through the ups and downs of childhood battling her big feet and long neck. How reassuring to know that she had to practice her ballet over and over and worked hard to memorize the lines for her roles in the movies. That magical quality that she possessed, is even more wondrous, because it is paired with the reality that she worked for her success and then honored those less fortunate rather than bask in public adulation. This is an unexpectedly uplifting story paired with illustrations that smile with honesty, goodness and warmth just like the lady herself. A great read aloud to inspire our girls (and our boys) to be true to their own wonderful unique selves. Ages 5-9 32 pages

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