Just a Second: A Different Way to Look at Time

Just a Second: A Different Way to Look at Time

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Houghton Mifflin Books for Children; None edition (October 25, 2011)
  • Mathematics Curriculum
  • Science Curriculum

A lot can happen in a second. Even more in a minute, a day, or a month.

Since a second speeds by so quickly, we need to look at what can happen in a second and relate that to the way we measure time. For example, in one second a rattlesnake shakes its tail in warning sixty times! Now what can happen in a minute, a day, a week?

This book gives concrete illustrated examples of all the things that can happen in these segments of time that most of us completely miss. It also explores what human civilizations originated the measures of time. The back of the book includes an earth timeline and several life spans examples.

Jenkins knows how to present miscellaneous facts in such a way that readers want more. He uses just the right combination of factoid and illustration (torn and cut paper collage) that lures the reader in and WHAM! Before you know it, you’ve read the book and are off searching for verification of these fantastic facts, or more information.

40 pages, ISBN: 978-0618708963

Recommended by: Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA

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