Just a Dream


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Houghton Miffin Harcourt
Science Curriculum

Give two hoots about our planet?  Wish everyone would care about the environment?

Meet Walter a boy who dreams of a future with tiny planes for all and robots running the show.  He scoffs at his neighbor Rose who gets a small tree for her birthday and is excited to plant it.  Walter is a litterbug who really doesn't get how his own actions and choices make a difference to all.

Then, one amazing night, his bed takes him on a trip into the future and Walter gets a look at a world he never could have imagined. Instead of the wonder of personal planes and technology grown to Amazonian proportions, Walter discovers a world of tree stumps and smoke.  In his nightmare he realizes he has helped to create this future to come.  

But just like Scrooge with his ghosts of Christmas past, Walter has a chance to get it right and he wakes up with his eyes wide open and his new found appreciation for his own responsibility and impact leading the way.  Give this guy a tree for his birthday? Heck yeah!!!  Walter has a chance to change the future and make it something he can look forward to and the planet is the happy recipient of his new found wisdom.

One of the best picture books about the environment for young readers.

978-0547520261   48 pages  Ages  5-9

Recommended by:  Barb,  abookandahug.com


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