John Brown: His Fight For Freedom

John Brown:  His Fight For Freedom

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Abrams Books for Young Readers, Oct 2009

This powerfully illustrated book explains the journey of John Brown from a caring Christian activist in Ohio to a man willing to kill in Kansas and finally at Harper's Ferry. It follows his life from Hudson, Ohio where he learned to treat all men and women as equals and reflects how deeply disturbed he was by the practice of slavery. His feelings ran so deep that when Kansas was deciding whether to be a slave state or not, John came and fought against the pro-slavers and killed a band of men. His life changed course and his fight against slavery became more and more violent. Even as a wanted man he did not let go of his cause and he even involved his sons in the fight. John tried to combat slavery through economic means but eventually decided to call the slaves of the South into action with a raid on the federal armory at Harper's Ferry. He subsequently gave his life for his beliefs that slavery was a "horrible practice" and finallyl, in death, "his voice roused a complacent nation to action." 40 pages

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