Jimmy Sniffles: Dognapped!

Jimmy Sniffles:  Dognapped!

Jimmy Sniffles has a super power nose that always tells him when danger is nearby. This time his nose starts sneezing when he meets a neighbor out walking her dog. What could be suspicious about that? Or even the clown that shows up across the street? But, the nose is never wrong and Jimmy is going to follow his nose to Toxico where the clown is forcing stolen dogs to perform in his clown act. Jimmy has to find a way to stop him. Use what you've got is his motto so out comes a booger bomb that splats all over the clown. Yuck. For those who need to know more, there is some information on clowns at the back of the book. A perfect combination for those young readers who just can't find the right book. Ages 6-10 40 pages

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