Jim and the Beanstalk


One morning Jim...not Jack....wakes up to find an enormous beanstalk has sprouted over night and is growing and growing and growing just outside his window.  Jim does what any self-respecting child would do...he climbs the stalk to see where it will take him.  Surprise... a giant is waiting up at the top.

Where Jack found a frightening, ferocious giant when he reached the top of his beanstalk, our Jim finds a toothless, elderly giant who has no hair. Things aren't going so well for our giant.  Jim shares a beefsteak breakfast with the fellow and then decides to help him out.  New glasses so he can see, a curly red haired wig to hide his baldness and some new false teeth so he can eat better.  Wait, eat better?

Will our fellow stay mellow?  This is a fractured fairy tale folks so our giant is going to begin feeling like himself again and just might fancy a fried boy sandwich!  Run for it Jim.

Entertaining and happily requiring some math measurement skills so we can go across the curriculum  with a good story.

48 pages      978-0698115774     Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


"What if Jack wasn't the only one to climb the beanstalk? Raymond Briggs brings a new generation to an old tale with humor, math, and imagination.

After discovering a beanstalk growing outside of his window one morning, Jim decides to do what any person in a similar situation would do—he climbs it. At the top he finds the unexpected: a castle and a giant in need of a friend. Children and adults alike will enjoy this fresh take on a classic story."---from the publisher

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