Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive

Jesse Owens:  Fastest Man Alive

Beginning in the cotton fields and a sickly childhood and moving to the racetracks of Ohio State University where he was not allowed to live in the dormitories, Jesse Owens overcame obstacle after obstacle early in his life. He earned a reputation for speed and in 1936 he was America's great hope as he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to compete in Berlin, Germany in the Olympics. These were the years leading up to World War II, and Adolf Hitler was building his perfect Aryan world and was anticipating showcasing the dominance of the "superior" Aryan race in the Olympic games. So, much rode on the capable shoulders of Jesse Owens. He made his way into the country, the games and the hearts of the crowds much to Hitler's dismay. With the careful wordsmithing and rhythmic free verse she is known for, Carole Boston Weatherford brings us up close and personal with this great athlete and the challenges he met so courageously. 32 pages Ages 5-9

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