Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Who would have thought being chased by a girl who wants to kiss you would start off a chain of events that would change your life forever? The first event was being led to a street and magic shop that never existed before. The second event being the purchase of a shiny multicolored ball that turned out later to be dragon egg. Jeremy was intrigued by it right away, even before finding out that it was a dragon egg. Mr. Elives the shop owner didn't think Jeremy would want it but apparently the dragon within the egg chose Jeremy to hatch, feed and train him. This was no easy task!

They soon learned a way to communicate one another, which made things somewhat easier. But how much longer could Jeremy feed his dragon chicken liver and gallons of milk, which seem to make the dragon sleepy. The only one who could see the dragon and help Jeremy with it turned out to be none other than the girl who tried to kiss him.

Things were getting beyond Jeremy's ability to control as his dragon continued to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. Jeremy is supposed to keep his dragon a secret but how can he when his dragon senses Jeremy's every emotion, especially anger, and wants to come to his rescue even when he's at school?

Read this Magic Shop adventure and we guarantee that you won’t have dry eyes at the end of it.

Recommended by A.J. Smith Elementary School

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