Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears

Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears

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"The small cages clattered and clanked and clanged as the truck made its way toward the Moon Bear Rescue Center" near Chengdu, China. This truck is carrying the precious cargo of Moon Bears who have been rescued from "horrid captive conditions" where their bile has been harvested to be used in Asian medicine.

These beautiful bears are marked with the sweep of a moon crescent across their chests. They were stolen from their peaceful world, taken by "farmers" for their bile and are now on their way to a sanctuary where they will receive desperately needed care. For these bears human beings represent "pain and cruelty." The caregivers in the sanctuary can see the"years of anguish each bear had endured...in their physical wounds, swollen tummies, and missing paws."

One bear is especially damaged in body and in spirit. He will be named Jasper and Jasper has been treated so cruelly that the staff wonders if he will ever recover physically or in his spirit. Hanky time. Jasper begins to heal and develop trust.

This beautiful, touching story tells of the work done by the caregivers to reach Jasper physically and spiritually. This is an important story about the dignity and sanctity of our animals and the wondrous connection that they offer us to a greater presence. It's our work to protect and cherish them and to promote understanding across cultural barriers of the damage done when we "steal" from our natural world.

Let's hope we can do better. There is a note from Jane Goodall praising the work of Jill and her team.

Somewhere moon bears roam free and in the sanctuary Jasper has come home.

Note; This book is about moon bears but it would be an amazing book to share with any child who has known abuse. That child will feel the bond with these bears and may be inspired and encouraged to move forward in his/her own life after learning what Jasper chooses. Great bibliotherapy.

978-1585367986   40 pages   Ages 9-13

Recommended by:  Barb

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