Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher

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Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher

Jamaica and Brianna are best friends and today as they walk to class they remember they are going to have a substitute teacher. Sure enough, there she is and her name is Mrs. Duval. Jamaica wants Mrs. Duval to like her and she tries really hard to find the hidden thing in the classroom, to do the math puzzles and then suddenly, Mrs. Duval announces it's time for the spelling quiz. Oh, no. Jamaica had forgotten all about the quiz. Perfectly written, this story describes how much Jamaica wants to get all the words right on the test so Mrs. Duval will like her and how her eyes glance over to Brianna's paper to see the word calf. Does she deserve the A plus that is on the top of that paper when it's handed back? A great read aloud to deal with cheating, honor and integrity at a young age. Ages 6-9 32 pages

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