Jaguar Stones: Middleworld, Book 1

Jaguar Stones:  Middleworld, Book 1

Video game afficianado, Max Murphy, is about to play the game of his life but it will be for real. His parents, Harvard archaeologists, have left him behind to head to Central America for the chance to work on Maya secrets. Through the machinations of his nanny, Zia, Max's ticket to join his parents will magically appear and off he'll fly to spend time with his Uncle Ted, a banana merchant and will soon learn his parents are missing. Similar to an Indiana Jones adventure or a wild ride through DIsney World, Max catapults into a world of intrigue. Howler monkeys are stealing artifacts and racing off with them into the rainforest. A Maya girl, Lola, partners with Max to overcome poisonous snakes, twisting, turning boat rides through low hanging sacred caves and a non-stop trek through the jungle to escape a determined power hungry madman. Cliffhangers abound and humor lurks. Perfect for reluctant readers who look for action first and character development maybe. Just as Percy Jackson informed us about Greek Gods and Egyptian mythological beings, the Voelkels launch us into the sometimes eerie and always unusual world of the Maya. Far from the comfy couch and video controller, can Max find his parents and if he does, will he be able to save them from the dark forces? Sacrifices? End of the world in 2012? Welcome to the Middleworld! 416 pages

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