16 year-old Jade has grown up in Nirvana. A commune in the middle of the ‘outside’. All children undergo eye surgery to change the color of their eyes and they receive names to match. Then again as adults they choose one of their parent’s professions and their eye color is changed again along with their name. Before Jade’s grandmother dies she tells Jade where her journal is at and that she wants her to read it. “It will begin to answer many questions Jade is starting to ask.” As Jade starts to read she is confronted with how many secrets are being hidden. Her grandmother recorded everything she found out. Was her grandmother murdered for snooping? With the help of her long time friend Tyrian and Peaches, the daughter of the cult leaders she starts digging and finds out that maybe she has been lied to her whole life. Just as she is ready to attempt an escape she is confronted by the leader of the cult. Will what she learns change everything?

194 pages, ISBN: 9780615974835, Ages 14+, Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, ID