The Jacket

The Jacket

Phil needs to get his brother Jimmy's lunch money to him and he's hurrying through the hallways of the fourth-fifth grade hall looking for him. If Phil is late to school one more time, he's going to be in big trouble. Oh, there's Jimmy-I'd know that jacket anywhere. But, when he catches up with the boy wearing the jacket, it isn't Jimmy. It's a stranger and he's black. Phil knows that's Jimmy's jacket-it's a one of a kind jacket and he instantly begins to jump to conclusions and run sterotypes through his mind about this kid. He accuses the boy of having a jacket that doesn't belong to him.  But is he right?  And would he have jumped to those conclusions so quickly if the boy, Daniel, hadn't been African American?

This is a great book to read to launch thought and discussions about prejudice and stereotyping. Heartfelt story. Ages 9-13 95 pages

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