It's Quacking Time

It's Quacking Time

Ah the wonderful mystery of the egg. Little Duckling lives with his Mommy and his Daddy in a beautiful pond swimming and playing and being together. One day Mommy lays a blue egg. What is that thing asks Duckling? Now the wonder of an egg begins and Duckling learns that he too came from an egg. He did and his cousin did and even his Grandpa did.

His Grandpa? Can it be possible? The aunts, the uncles, the cousins and pretty much the entire family gather together to see this new egg and to tell of their own egg adventures. Now the excitement begins. When will this new little egg hatch? The suspense builds slowly and delightfully with duck bills and duck feet humorously focused on this blue shell.

Finally the joyful day does arrive and every child hearing this story will savor the knowledge that she or he too was awaited with such hope and impatience and that she or he too is deeply loved.

Martin Waddell is one of those authors that really understands children right where they live. A great read aloud to preschoolers. Ages 3-7

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