It's An Orange Aardvark

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Five carpenter ants wearing the latest in colorful hard hats are safely tucked inside a tree stump going about carpenter ant business when suddenly they hear a noise. "Boom. Rumble. Rumble."  What could it be? The five consider the possibilities and the ant in the red hat senses danger.  This sound can only be coming from a gray and sneaky aardvark and we all know who they like to eat!

The ant in the yellow hat decides to drill a hole in the stump so they can all see outside and know for sure where that noise is coming from.  "Wrrr."  Ahhh... a hole appears in the page of the book so that not only can the ants peer out but so can we.

There is something orange out there.  What could it be?  Could it simply be an orange...a juicy orange?  Nope, not according to old red hat. He's convinced that danger is nigh.  This must be an orange aardvark.  Seems they turn orange when they are hungry for ants.  

With each turn of the page the ants drill another hole the better to see you with my dear and discover one color after another.  Now blue, and then red followed by green and then yellow.

Old red hat's imagination is running at full throttle by now.  He's got a pajama-wearing, ketchup-carrying, gecko-guiding, orange aardvark just biding his time outside the stump waiting for dinner in the form of five carpenter ants.  Clearly danger lurks.

The suspense builds and your own imagination may be working hard on this by now as the ants drill hole after hole and worry, worry, worry.

What is waiting outside that home sweet home stump of theirs?  Can you guess?

978-0062252067   40 pages   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb,

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