Is This Normal?

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Is This Normal?

"More than two million girls have read The Care and Keeping of You" and they've sent letters sharing their feelings and their questions about being a girl and growing up. Here is a collection of the questions they've wondered about designed to reassure other girls who might be having the same feelings, fears and concerns. The book is divided into six sections beginning with letters about "Hair, Skin, Eyes, Ears, Mouth" and ending with a section on how to talk to your parents. In between the other four chapters cover the usual topics of bras, underarm hair, periods, body image, nutrition, sports, shaving, tampons and breasts. Page 46 has a classic...."I'm going into the sixth grade and every girl but me wears a bra." Page 79 has another one..."My friend got her period. I haven't gotten mine and I'm a year older." The letters include familiar fears of weird noises in the house at night or going to the beach and seeing all the skinny girls and feeling you'll never look right. All of the worries and new experiences find reassuring responses and helpful perspective. Ages 9-14 112 pages

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