Is It Okay to Pee in the Ocean?

is it okay to pee in the ocean

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‎ Bloomsbury Children's Books February 2023
Science Curriculum

The Fascinating Science of Our Waste and Our World

Get the facts you'll really want to know when you really need to go.

Why do we pee? Is pee just yellow water? Is the ocean a giant toilet bowl (eww!)? If you've ever wondered about your body's waste . . . urine luck! This book is all about pee: from why and how we do it, to its effects on our world.

Explore the human systems that make pee happen, tackle environmental questions about the impacts of human waste, discover surprising uses of urine throughout history-like in mouthwash and skin creams-and even try out at-home, hands-on experiments (with no bodily fluids required, of course!). With engaging black-and-white-illustrations and just enough ick-factor, this engrossing (and sometimes a little bit gross) book gets to the bottom of an oft-ignored part of the science of life.---from the publisher

96 pages                                  978-1681195131                            Ages 8-12

Keywords:  human body, how things work, science, environment, Earth Science, water, ocean, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, nonfiction

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