I.Q.: Independence Hall (Book 1)

I.Q.:  Independence Hall (Book 1)

“The man across the street is a spook for Israeli intelligence. A spook? ask Angela and Quest. A Spy is the answer. . Oh sure. How do you know he's a spook? I studied his dossier comes Boone's answer. I used to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. Angela and Quest are stunned. This man is supposed to be driving the motor coach their rock star parents are using for their breakout tour. Why are they being followed? This guy put a device on their coach and rigged it to break down at a certain time. Now Angela and Quest are being drawn into some sort of espionage they don't really understand. But, Angela is willing to go along because she wants to find out if her mother could still be alive. Her mother was a Secret Service agent who died on a mission. Someone is watching them and following them and their motor coach driver, Boone, has identifed Eben Lavi, an Israeli intelligence (Mossad) agent, as that person. Lavi and his team have a mission too. Who will find Angela's mother first? This is great stuff for the Alex Rider group.

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I.Q.: INDEPENDENCE HALL by Roland Smith, Trailer by Nancy Limmer of Katy, Texas (Librarian at West Memorial Jr. High)


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