Intruder in the Dust

Intruder in the Dust

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Vintage Classics 1996 (originally published 1947)
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

Set in the deep south that provided the backdrop for all of Faulkner's finest fiction, Intruder in the Dust is the novel that marks the final phase of its author's outstanding creative period. The chronicle of an elderly black farmer arrested for the murder of a white man and under threat from the lynch mob is a characteristically Faulknerian tale of dark omen, its sole ray of hope the character of the young white boy who repays an old favor by proving the innocence of the man who saved him from drowning in an icy creek. --from the publisher


A classic Faulkner novel which explores the lives of a family of characters in the South. An aging black who has long refused to adopt the black’s traditionally servile attitude is wrongfully accused of murdering a white man.--from the publisher


Lucas Beauchamp, an African American man with an attitude, stands accused of the murder of a white man in the Deep South.  Folks say he shot him in the back.  Given that this is set in Mississippi in the 1940s, his fate might have seemed instantly determined by the accusation alone.  A lynching appears imminent.

Enter Gavin Stevens and his sixteen-year-old nephew Chick Mallison who are not willing to accept what others are comfortable assuming.  Chick knows Lucas Beauchamp well and feels deeply indebted to him for having saved Chick's life on an icy pond.  Lucas refuses to be in Chick's debt.  He refuses to owe a white person.  He prefers to stand on his own dignity and ability.  He is going up against the expectations and social codes of his time and his county.

This book stands as a classic in American literature.


247 pages   9780099740315   Ages 15 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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