In the Forests of the Night (Goblin Wars, Book 2)

In the Forests of the Night  (Goblin Wars, Book 2)

Teagan, Aidan, and Finn are back in action in the second installment of The Goblin Wars trilogy.Following right on the heels of their harrowing journey into Mag Mell in Tyger Tyger, this fast-paced sequel finds the intrepid trio in even deeper trouble as the goblin king Fear Doirich seeks revenge and tries to turn Tea against her family and friends. Since her narrow escape, Tea has discovered that she just may be more goblin than girl, and her own blood is turning against her and calling her back into Mag Mell.

Slipping from her skin in the middle of the night, she steals away to reenter the dangerous fantasy world and rid the world of Fear Doirich before she turns completely goblin herself. Joining her, of course, is her heroic boyfriend Finn Mac Cumhaill, whose sole mission is to get Tea back out of Mag Mell in one piece. Complicating matters is the not-so-small fact that Tea, as a budding goblin, is turning into the sworn enemy of Finn’s people. Can Teagan fight her dark heritage to do the right thing?

Most importantly of all, can love and bravery save her from herself? Fans of paranormal romance and Irish folklore will enjoy Hamilton’s latest offering, especially when Tea and Finn return to the detailed and dangerous fantasy world of Mag Mell. 288 pages.

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland USA

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