Interstellar Pig

Interstellar Pig

Sixteen year old Barney is spending a week in a New England beach cottage with his parents. He's pretty bored until three new neighbors, Zena, Manny and Joe rent the smaller cottage next door. Being a naturally curious guy, Barney wants to get to know the new people.

The neighbors invite Barney over to play a game called Interstellar Pig. It's a board game with a Piggy and when the timer goes off you want to be the one still holding the Piggy or your home planet will cease to exist.

Zena, Manny and Joe aren't your average neighbors and they aren't from your average home planet. They are very interested in the cabin where Barney and his family are staying and are especially curious about the old sea captain and his demented brother who used to live there. They're looking for something in the cabin and Barney wants to figure out what that is and just maybe he'll find it first.

208 pages 978-0140375954 Ages 10 and up

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