Two years have passed since the catastrophe struck in London. Adam, Sarah and her daughter Mia have been living off the countryside as so many other Londoners have been doing. It seems like they will always be refugees on the run when one day they come upon a friendly settlement in the woods and Sarah begs Adam to stay so she can have her baby where there is help. Reluctant to be recognized or in one place for very long Adam concedes and they decided to stay until the baby is born.

What starts out as a very peaceful night turns into a nightmare as the government has tracked them down and is now trying to capture them. They want Mia because she was able to change her death number with someone else even though she had no idea what she did.

When Mia is captured Adam has no choice but to follow and try and save her.  Adam has always been bothered that he has never figured out how Mia changed her number. He thought he knew all the rules and this didn’t fit. As he fights to save Mia and Sarah he learns more about the number changing but also learns that one man has learned how to change his numbers and he is after Mia. As events unfold all of the sudden the unborn baby is wanted too.

Can Adam save Mia, Sarah and the unborn baby before it is too late? With constant action you will keep reading to see how it ends. For the ending of a trilogy I felt like there was closure to the story.


Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Idaho


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