I'm the Best

I'm the Best

"I'm the best," claims Dog and he goes on to tell us exactly how he is better than each of his friends whether it's running or swimming or being bigger, Dog can outdo somebody in his crowd. After we hear all of his personal triumphs, we get a chance to hear how his friends feel about it. Guess what? They feel sad. It's hard to hear someone say you aren't "as good as." It hurts your feelings. Nobody wants to feel "less."

Turns out they don't have to feel "less." Maybe Dog is bigger than Ladybug but you know what? Donkey is much bigger than Dog. Hmmmm..... Who can dig the deepest hole? Is it really Dog? Or can another one of the friends dig the deepest hole? As friend after friend takes a turn to tell Dog how Dog is "less," Dog starts to feel pretty awful about himself. He feels like show-off. Ick.

Dog realizes he has been mean to his friends. Can they forgive him?

What a lovely book that gives every child a chance to stand in the shoes of the bragger, the less than, and the forgiver. Every child can see truth here. There is something special about each one of us. We can enjoy our specialness and we don't have to be the best at every single thing. Everyone gets to feel special.

Gorgeous illustrations keep the childlike feel as we invite young ones to think about and feel what it's like to brag and what it could be like to honor each and everyone.

32 pages           978-0763663483            Ages 2-5

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com *********** A boastful dog gets a taste of his own medicine in a tale about friendship that features the bold, exuberant art of Lucy Cousins at its best. 

"I win! I’m the best!" Dog boasts. He can run faster than Mole, dig better than Goose, swim faster than Donkey, and he’s much bigger than Ladybug. He wins! Unfortunately, Dog’s nonstop bragging is starting to make his friends feel kind of sad. But what if they mixed things up and looked at them differently? Could they teach Dog a lesson — and remind him of what it means to be a best friend?--from the publisher

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