I'm Really Not Tired

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Sam does not want to go to bed.  He is certain that once he is
asleep, the fun begins.  Sam imagines a zoo and a circus, and a rocket
parked outside.  So he decides to find out for himself what goes on
after his father turns out the light.  With this trusted partner, Petey
Bear, a stuffed panda, he sneaks downstairs.  What Sam discovers is not
what he was hoping to see: his parents are relaxing quietly in the den,
with nary a wild animal or a trapeze artist in sight!  Unhappily, the
pair creeps back upstairs and into bed, determined to try again tomorrow
Children (and that includes most kids) who are reluctant to go to
bed because they think they will miss something will relate to Sam.
Lori Sunshine’s catchy rhymed text makes this a great book for
storytime, and Jeffrey Ebbeler’s bright, colorful illustrations are
priceless: even Petey Bear has true-to-life facial expressions.  The last
page (in which Sam and Petey are vindicated) is as delightful as the tremendous slices of cake Sam’s parents are
enjoying.  Like all of Flashlight Press' publications, this is a treasure.  Ages 4-7

32 pages

ISBN: 978-0979974618

Reviewed by:  Barbara Karp, Librarian, New York, USA

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