I'm Not Who You Think I Am

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I'm Not Who You Think I Am

Thirteen-year-old Ginger keeps seeing this woman wherever she goes - outside of her school, outside of her house - and now someone is calling her house. What is going on? Who is this woman? The sense of danger spirals up, and we are drawn along as Ginger has to make a choice between saving her teacher or protecting her mother's business - two "rights" to choose between. Danger is lurking!

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3.0  (1)
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(Updated: November 20, 2011)
13 year old Ginger"s birthday is here and she is celebrating it at a restaurant. A strange woman comes up and says happy birthday, and after they are done, the freaky woman writes something down. Who is she ? Ginger is starting to see the lady everywhere- school at home and now she starts calling Ginger. The lady thinks she is her daughter. What will happen next? This is a can not put book down book!
-Emma Oregon, USA
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