Igraine the Brave

Igraine the Brave

Igraine is a princess, but she's not your typical princess. She has always dreamed of being a knight. She also does not have the magical talents shared by her royal parents and older brother. In fact life is pretty humdrum even in a world where her parents are magicians. Suddenly everything changes when the boy next door decides he wants some power of his own and he decides to capture Igraine's castle and the book of magic right along with it. Now you would expect that a magical king and queen could easily handle such a problem but their spell goes awry and turns the king and queen into something less than human, pigs. Sound like fun? Igraine is the only one who can obtain the necessary ingredients to return them to their old selves while battling the threat to her kingdom. A funny, exciting tale by a great author.

212 pages

Submitted by Basya Karp

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