If You Want to See A Whale

If You Want to See A Whale

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Neal Porter Book/ Roaring Brook Press
Character-Building Curriculum

Some books roar.  Some books laugh.  Some books tiptoe into your brain with tickly feet that give you a happy tingle and bring a smile to your face.  This is not a roarer.  It's a tiptoer that will bring a smile to your face. You will need to bring your waiting sort of self along on this journey but I don't think you'll really notice that it's there. This is just too much fun!

We're talking about enchantment,  inspiration, friendship, charm and humor.  Can you ask for anything more?

This story has a charm to it that will capture you on page one and will stay with you until you close the book at the very satisfying end.  You are about to go on a journey.  Turn off the dvd player in the car.  Take the earphones out of your ears.  Put away the cell phone and forget about the GPS.  

For this journey you are going to have to do three things.  First you must look.  Second you must notice.  Third you must pay attention.

Our world is filled with beauty in the little things around us and in the big things that are so constantly being thrown at us every day.  But to truly see something...even something as large as a whale... you will need to be looking and noticing and paying attention to what is around you.

Now in the case of this lad and his clearly gifted in the noticing department dog friend, the world is filled with enchantment.  Simple, gentle things loom large and one's own imagination has story telling potential with no bounds.  

Here lies humor, friendship, adventure and the hope for huge things being delivered from that all powerful and all wise great beyond and all with a sense of delight and a truly terrific tickle. 

Read it again and again for inspiration and for opening your eyes and for laughing.

Ages 5-9   978-1596437319

Recommended by: Barb

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