If the Witness Lied

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If the Witness Lied

The crowds gathered on the front lawn chanting against Laura Fountain’s decision to have her baby and to possibly give up her own life by not starting the chemo that would fight the cancer in her liver.Then, the baby, Tris, grown to age 2,is suspected of having pulled the parking brake and causing the family Jeep to roll back crushing Dad.Left behind are Jack, Smithy, Madison and Tris.They’ve arrived at the anniversary of their late father’s birthday and that date is calling them all home.Is it home anymore?Jack is living with Aunt Cheryl and caring for Tris.Madison and Smithy have fled to boarding school and a quasi-foster family.But something stirs. As Smithy and Madison make their way home, they arrive to learn that Aunt Cheryl has big plans to star little Tris in a reality television show that would subject the entire family to sharing their grief with the audience and would make Tris forever saddled with the murder of his own father. Something doesn’t feel right about this whole picture and bit by bit the Fountain family will team to fight for the truth and their rightful place in the world.

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