I Kill the Mockingbird


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Roaring Broo Press 2014
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Language Arts Curriculum

"You've got to enjoy every sandwich."  "Don't be afraid, Lucy."  Of "anything.  Everything. Be Brave. And now I'm going to call 911."  Those were the last words Fat Bob, aka Mr. Novak the English teacher, ever said to Lucy but she and her friends and classmates would have read anything for this man who gave them such a love of reading.  They know he would have assigned them TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD to read over summer vacation. He would have encouraged them to read well and have a conversation about the book with the characters and among their friends.

Long ago when Charles Dickens was writing his books came out in installments and crowds waited to get their hands on the new chapter of his latest tale.  Reading was exciting and social and part of the fabric of the society of the times. "People don't feel that way about books anymore."  "You know what. We should start a mob."

Elena, Michael and Lucy are about to con the world.  They are about to figure out the American psyche and take away copies of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Seems that Americans love to get what they cannot have so if all the copies of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD disappear, then suddenly Americans will care and will want to have their own copy to read.

This is a story about our modern age and what it takes to manipulate us into desiring something. It's also a story about how some people need to be reminded about the wonder, the magic and the power of a book. We are all wired for story and there are authors out there writing stories we need and want to read.

It's time to kill the mockingbird and get the mob started.  This is an open invitation to join in and make books part of our national conversation.

166 pages   Ages  10-15   978-1596437425

Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com

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