I Am Blop!

I Am Blop!

If you know and love the book PRESS HERE by Herve Tullet, you'll have an idea of the creativity of this guy. He is one of a kind! Happily he's been busy creating more fun books that work especially for children who want their book to "DO" something.

Prepare to blop! Using a simple shape that looks a bit shamrock-like, your mind is about to be stretched and bounced to and fro. Colors, numbers, and possibilities are going to send your neurons through mental gymnastics. Talk about inducing creativity. Blops can do anything and be anywhere just like ideas. 

Using transparent colorful layers blops mix blue and yellow to make green. They march up the page and clone themselves into ...let's see.. how many blops are there? Blops in the mountains? Blops by the sea. Blops at the board. Broken blops. Blops to color and blops to punch out. 

The variety of settings and uses and colors and new ideas just keep coming at you and you can feel your brain stretching and opening up to a new way of thinking and experiencing things. With every turn of the page some new possibility blops up. Talk about fun!

This could be every art teacher's new favorite and every English teacher's new inspirational tool for getting her/his students to think out of the box.  110 pages  Ages 4-8


Recommended by:  Barb

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