Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush

Nora Grey has the world under control. She's a sophomore in high school with good grades, a great best friend and a plan for future which means college. The one thing she doesn't have in her life is a boyfriend though her friend Vee is constantly trying to find her the right guy.

But fate is about to step in when Nora's coach creates a seating arrangement in her biology class that puts her right across the aisle from Patch Cipriano, a senior, who has already failed the class on the first two tries. Putting Nora and Patch side by side in a biology class sets up some pretty steamy dialogue as the art of reproduction is the unit under discussion and Patch has a way of drawing Nora in way over her head.

The two are assigned to interview each other for the class and Nora is dismayed and unsettled to find that Patch seems to know her intimately. How is this possible?

As the story unfolds, another guy appears in Nora's life, Elliot, and the two start spending time together. Then, Vee is attacked by someone wearing a mask and the seams of Nora's life start ripping apart. Is Patch stalking her? Who can she trust? Why would someone want to hurt Vee? She has no idea she has entered into the world of a fallen angel and some dark forces who have plans for revenge.

Great romance, sexual tension, mystery and suspense. Ages 14 and up

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