How Big Is It?

How Big Is It?

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Scholastic 2007

Have you ever seen a Giant Squid? Just how big is it How about as big as a house. Using jaw dropping photographs, this book shocks and delights as it delivers one comparison after another. Take a look at the reticulated python crawling up the escalator. The largest one found was in Indonesia and it stretched 33 feet. How about the Quetzalcoatlus that once roamed the skies above with wings stretching 40 feet wide. It's shown in comparison to an F-18 Hornet jet fighter. A tsunami wave that crashed in Alaska in 1958 towered at 1,720 feet. And how would a polar bear compare against a basketball goal? For kids who love extremes this book offers exciting and entertaining comparisons of some really cool animals against the everyday objects of life. Ages 9-13

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