How the World Works

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How the World Works

It's a pop-up book! If you have one of those young'uns who really wants to understand how the world works, here is a fabulous book. As you open the first page, you'll find a picture of our solar system and a tab you can pull open to produce the Big Bang. On the facing page there's a diagram that explains the seasons, day and night and how gravity works. Next the book takes a look at the evolution of plants and animals on the Earth and gives a recipe for life which includes boiling volcanoes, atmosphere, water and a comet attack. How did "chemicals turn into life?" is the next question. THen we move onto to Pangaea and the tectonic plates within the Earth's crust. You can pull tabs to see what happens when plates collide-you make a mountain form and what happens when plates slide and so on. The water cycle is next with a pop-out explanation of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and transpiration. The weather is next. Did you know our air is always rising and sinking? What makes the sea move? Exactly what is this carbon stuff they talk about and what is a carbon footprint? That's pretty cutting edge stuff that this generation needs to understand and to incorporate into their lifestyle. Things close with plants and the food chain. It packs a great deal of basic scientific information into one interactive package.

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