House of Robots (Book 1)


Sammy Hayes Rodriguez has always had a hard time fitting in at school and his mom isn’t making his life any easier when she sends him to school with a robot.  Sammy calls it E for Error and once he gets to school he finds out that E is programmed to spout off never ending streams of facts in every class and almost sets the school on fire.

Sammy’s mom is a scientist who specializes in robotics. She has already designed a series of robots for doing chores and filling roles around the house. At home Sammy’s sister has an immune disease and can’t be exposed to any germs.  So, instead of real brothers and sisters Sammy has a robot designed to be a 13 year old girl named Britney and Mr. Mop and Shine whose job is to keep things cleaned up around the house.

Mom promises to make Sammy’s life easier by fixing the glitches in E.  But will it be enough to get the bullies off his back and make him seem a little bit cooler at school?

Wacky robots, short chapters, illustrations are the stuff that reluctant reader dreams are made of.

336 pages  978-0316349581  Ages 8-12

Other books in the series:  Robots Go Wild; Robot Revolution

Read alikes: Frank Einstein series by Jon Scieszka

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


And from the publisher:

In this new highly-illustrated series from James Patterson, an extraordinary robot signs up for an ordinary fifth grade class... and elementary school will never be the same!

It was never easy for Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez to fit in, so he's dreading the day when his genius mom insists he bring her newest invention to school: a walking, talking robot he calls E--for "Error". Sammy's no stranger to robots--his house is full of a colorful cast of them. But this one not only thinks it's Sammy's brother... it's actually even nerdier than Sammy. Will E be Sammy's one-way ticket to Loserville? Or will he prove to the world that it's cool to be square? It's a roller-coaster ride for Sammy to discover the amazing secret E holds that could change family forever... if all goes well on the trial run!

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